A Guide to Thanksgiving Break

There’s nothing more college students love than the holidays. This is a time to relax, forget about our deadlines and responsibilities. And most importantly – NO CLASS! It’s Thanksgiving, so we have a couple days off. YAY!

Going home means we get to forget about our college life for a bit or so we hope. But as always, conversations around the dinner table emerge and suddenly we feel like we’re being interrogated and we find ourselves just as stressed as before the break.

Our family and friends mean no harm. But every year we find ourselves being asked the same stressful questions by them (but we know it’s out of love). So to prepare for these questions, here is a little guide:

1. What do Public Relations people do?
-Well, you can do event planning, social media or media relations. You can go into advertising or communication. We can focus on automotive, technology, healthcare and just about anything. There’s so much a PR pro can do.

2. So where will you work?
-In PR you can work at a corporation and focus on one thing or at a firm with many different clients. Nonprofits are also big for PR!

3. When are you graduating?
-The goal is four years. But I’ll be sure that you’re first on the list for a ticket to my graduation.

4. So you’re in the Communication Arts & Sciences college?
-Yes. It’s ranked #2 in the world!

5. Have you been to Brody cafeteria? It’s so big!
-Of course!

6. Have you had an internship?
-No, but I’m looking. Can you pass the turkey?

We get asked these questions and so much more. When will family realize that we’re just here for the food and reunion. Not to be drilled about our future plans and life goals. We appreciate your concern but please… I’m just trying to eat my potatoes in peace. I’ve been looking forward to this home cooked meal all season long!