Danielle Homic – President

Email: daniellehomic@gmail.com | LinkedIn

I’m your go-to for any PRSSA-related questions.



Brittanie Chludzinski – Director of Hubbell Connections

Email: chludzi6@msu.edu | LinkedIn

I’m in charge of our student-run firm, Hubbell Connections. Contact me to see how you can get involved.

Samantha VanHoef – Alumni Relations Coordinator

Email: samanthavanhoef@gmail.com | LinkedIn

I’m our link to the MSU PRSSA alumni network to learn about internship and job opportunities for our members. Also, I’m in charge of coordinating with Career Services to help facilitate the ComArtSci Connect Career fair.

Meg Dedyne – Vice President of Professional Development

Email: dedyneme@msu.edu | LinkedIn

I assist members in general professional development and set up hands-0n learning sessions for the chapter.

Marideth Tschirhart – Vice President of Public Relations

Email: marideth.tschirhart@gmail.com | LinkedIn

I create and manage all of MSU PRSSA’s social media accounts. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive chapter updates.

Mitch Marier – Director of Publications

Email: mariermi@msu.edu | LinkedIn

I manage our blog series. Contact me if you want to grow your portfolio with valuable blog writing experience. Each Sunday, I sent out the MSU PRSSA e-blast with important updates and internship postings.

Marisa Bennet – Case Study  Coordinator

Email: benne502@msu.edu |LinkedIn

I interview, hire and manage our chapter’s case study competition teams, including our national Bateman competition team.

Gina Peera – Vice President of Member Services

Email: peeragin@msu.edu | LinkedIn

I’m your contact person for all PRSSA membership questions.


Joanna Miller – Vice President of Programming

Email: mill2636@msu.edu | LinkedIn

I schedule our biweekly meetings and our firm tours. Please contact me if you have any programming ideas.

Note: All executive board members are available to give career advice, discuss internship opportunities or connect you with professionals.